Hi! My name is Christophe Lauret and it seems you have somehow landed on my website.

I live in sunny Sydney (Australia*) where I work as a software engineer.

At the moment, I spend a fair amount of my time contributing to PageSeeder, a collaborative publishing platform.

Like everyone I am interested in many things, but I use this website mostly for subjects related to software and the Web.


There are multiple aspects of software that interest me, but at the core of it, is the ability to solve people’s problems.

Since software is for people, I have a strong interest in user interfaces. I am interested in how to improve the interaction and experience of users, and the related cognitive aspects. I am also interested in information and knowledge visualisation – I am known for my excessive use of diagrams. And I like beautiful things, so I often pay attention to the delicate balance between usability, accessibility, aesthetics and functionality. When a software strikes the right balance, its adoption can have wide ranging consequences.

This is why the social impact of software also grabs my attention. The adoption of software and the spread of the Internet seem to have an increasing influence on our business practices but it also raises ethical issues and can even have a political impact. I am certainly watching the rise of social applications with interest.

As an engineer, I am naturally interested in the process of developing software: how ideas emerge from the analysis of a problem, how abstract models can best be translated into concrete solutions, and what motivates people to do so.

Although my experience lies primarily with Java, XML and Web technology, I believe that every technology has solved someone’s problem, so I am more interested in finding out what problem they solve than preaching about their intrinsic value. I prefer evaluating technologies for their appropriateness and cost-effectiveness given a problem domain.

This is also why I like Internet standards and open formats: they provide foundations for collaboration and allow developers to concentrate on the core of the problem rather than constantly reinvent the wheel. And naturally, I think Open Source is one of the best things that could happen to software development.

Lastly, I’ve always had a soft spot for network theory, genetic algorithms and machine learning. With the web becoming semantically richer and more connected, I am looking forward to a whole new range of applications and radical approaches to address problems in the future.

If you’re interested in my professional profile, you may want to have a look at my resume.

And if you’re curious, you can read about what else interests me or have a look at my twitter updates.


If you wish to contact me directly, you can use:

  • My email address: tyenki (at) gmail (dot) com;
  • Or Skype: tyenki.


Please note that this is my personal website, I don’t speak on behalf of my employers; the opinions expressed here are my own and they don’t necessarily reflect their views. However if you have a business inquiry, I will be happy to pass you onto the right person.

* – see Accidental tourist ends up in the wrong Sydney