If you’re curious to know what I am interested in apart from technology, here is a sample. Being naturally curious, there would be a few too many things for me to mention, so I have restricted it to just a couple of things and I have no intention to maintain this page on a regular basis.

What I have been reading…

The Blogging Revolution - Antony Loewenstein

The Blogging Revolution - Antony Loewenstein

A friend of mine recently told me about Sydney-based journalist & blogger Antony Loewenstein being interviewed for his latest book The Blogging Revolution.

The book is about bloggers around the world who are writing under repressive regimes. Having just recently travelled to a few of these countries (Egypt, Syria and China), I was interested to have someone else’s perspective on how much of a medium of expression the Web has become in places that are not exactly renowned for free-speech practices.

Although there were a few things I saw differently, I found that several of his observations matched mine, in particular in regards to Syria where I was able to have more serious discussions with people.

For anyone who is interested, it is a refreshing read and good reminder of the constellations of opinions out there…

What I have been listening…

In the Heart of the Moon - Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Toure

In the Heart of the Moon - Toumani Diabaté & Ali Farka Touré

I’ve had a long-standing interest in music coming from Africa so I was quite happy to stumble upon an album that features two of West Africa’s greatest musicians.

“In the Heart of the Moon”, a collaboration of Toumani Diabaté on the kora & Ali Farka Touré on the Guitar, seduced me instantly.

Anything from Toumani Diabaté or Ali Farka Touré is worth a listen.

And what else?

Following a stupid bet with a friend of mine, I decided to run the Canberra Marathon and subsequently joined the Athletics Easts running club.